Comfortworks homeowners share their experience of ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling installed in their home.

I would love to share our wonderful experience with Comfortworks to others!

Mark Baumann

Thank you for your outstanding service! You have gone above and beyond. We recommend you to everyone we know.

Sharon Simonton Conrady

The craftsmanship of your work crews is very good; they are right to take pride in their work!

Steve Schwendeman

You guys rock! I am so happy, so pleased, my system is awesome and I’m proud of it. The workmanship and everything above.

Marshall Delk

I just wanted to tell Chris how awesome he is! We are the general contractors for my parents house we are building and we have not received customer service even close to what Chris has given us so far! Great job! It’s not common in the industry to reply so quickly to phone calls & emails! I appreciate it!

Angie Fenton

Comfort Works and ClimateMaster are the best HVAC team in the industry.

Jeff Vanhoose

One of the best jobs I’ve seen in the 30 years of being involved in the geothermal industry.

Jim Bose

The crew that you sent is awesome as you can see they did a great job!! I want you to know that you are very fortunate to have guys like them that take pride and take care of all the details! Very professional! As to the unit it came on and had 2degree to go to set point. It took about 5 minutes to accomplish that. Very quiet!