Geothermal Service & Maintenance

We are Geothermal Service Experts!


  • International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA)
  • Geothermal Exchange Organization (GEO)

Certifications / Accreditations:

  • 14 IGSHPA-trained installers – 9 are NATE geothermal certified
  • 16 ClimateMaster factory-trained technicians – 3 at level one, 9 at level 2, 4 at level 3+
  • 27 certified HDPE fusion technicians
  • 9 OSHA safety certified – 4 at level 10, 5 at level 30
  • 18 Licensed HVAC journeymen
  • 3 mechanical engineers on staff


  • Comfortworks was founded in 2007 with the purchase of C&S Heat and Air (est. 1975)
  • Award-winning geothermal HVAC contractor every year since 1994
  • Corporate officers alone have over 90 years of dedicated experience in geothermal HVAC
  • Over 3,000 residential geothermal systems installed including over 700 in Habitat for Humanity homes
  • Over 85 commercial geothermal projects totaling over 3 million square feet of conditioned area
  • Over 3 million feet (nearly 700 miles) of vertical bore heat exchanger installed
  • Over 500 tons of pond/lake heat exchanger installed

We are dedicated to our customers and always strive to meet their needs as best we can. By choosing ComfortWorks for your HVAC service needs you will enjoy highly professional service provided by our factory-trained and qualified technicians. Be rest assured that your Geothermal or HVAC system will perform to factory specifications, and when repairs are needed, our technicians will have you up and going in a reasonable amount of time and fixed right the first time.

Residential Preventative Maintenance

At Comfortworks, the goal of our residential preventative maintenance program is to ensure your system is in peak operating condition! Providing you with maximum efficiency, help prevent costly repairs, and extend the life of your equipment.

In appreciation of any purchase of a new geothermal system, enjoy the gift of your first maintenance visit for each newly installed system, after your first included maintenance visit, we encourage you to sign up for our regular preventative maintenance program by selecting from one of our three plans below.

Don't own a geothermal system? No problem! Comfortworks provides maintenance to ALL makes and models of home comfort equipment.





Essential maintenance

2 visits per year




15% discount on diagnostic trip



Comfort Plan Includes:


• Replacement of MERV 8 pleated air filter

• Visual refrigerant leak check

• Exterior wash of condenser coil (cooling visit)

• General dusting of external cabinets

• Thermostat inspection

• Clearing of condensate drain line (cooling visit)

• Drain tablets (cooling visit)

• Check air temperature differential

• Check loop temperature differential (geothermal systems)

• Carbon monoxide test (heating visit, conventional systems)

• Analysis of geothermal loop fluid (geothermal systems)











Extensive maintenance

2 visits per year




25% discount on diagnostic trip

5% discount on any unplanned service

(cannot be combined with other discounts)

Priority service scheduling



Performance Plan Includes:

Everything in Comfort, plus


• Full system diagnostic check

• Electronic refrigerant leak check

• One pound of R-410A if required

• Cleaning of air & condenser coil

• Localized combing of coil fins

• General dusting of internal equipment

• Compressor, fan & blower inspection

• Test capacitors microfarad output

• Loop pump & electric heat inspection (heating visit)

• Check reversing valve operation (geothermal & heat pump)

• Check hot water temp differential (geothermal systems)

'• Domestic hot water tank inspection (Trilogy specific)

• Inspection of accessible ductwork





Detailed maintenance

2 visits per year




50% discount on diagnostic trip

10% discount on any unplanned service*

(cannot be combined with other discounts)

Same Day service when scheduled between 8am - 5pm



The Works Plan Includes:

Everything in Performance, plus


• Replacement of MERV 11 pleated air filter

• Detailed cleaning of internal equipment

• Blower wheel and housing cleaning

• Electronic and control board cleaning

• Descaling of hot water heat exchanger (geothermal)

• Disinfecting of air handler and ductwork








Note: If repairs are necessary to achieve proper unit operation, the homeowner will be informed of any additional costs (parts and labor).


For pricing and sign-up, please call our office at 405-364-9007