We Are Geothermal Experts

Why Choose Us?

Since 1975 we have been committed to meeting our customer’s needs. We strive to provide innovative and cost-effective services by providing state-of-the-art systems custom-designed for their needs. As the recognized leader in the HVAC and geothermal industry, we are succeeding in our company goal by providing only the best for our customers.


Our Value Proposition.

Comfortworks uniquely provides turn-key geothermal heating and cooling systems that offer its customers the lowest possible energy costs; exceptional comfort; high quality installation and dedicated service by technology specialists; and, prices comparable to those of non-specialist dealers.


  • International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA)
  • Geothermal Exchange Organization (GEO)

Certifications / Accreditations:

  • 14 IGSHPA-trained installers – 9 are NATE geothermal certified
  • 16 ClimateMaster factory-trained technicians – 3 at level one, 9 at level 2, 4 at level 3+
  • 27 certified HDPE fusion technicians
  • 9 OSHA safety certified – 4 at level 10, 5 at level 30
  • 18 Licensed HVAC journeymen
  • 3 mechanical engineers on staff


  • Award-winning geothermal HVAC contractor every year since 1994
  • Corporate officers alone have over 90 years of dedicated experience in geothermal HVAC
  • Over 3,000 residential geothermal systems installed including over 700 in Habitat for Humanity homes
  • Over 85 commercial geothermal projects totaling over 3 million square feet of conditioned area
  • Over 3 million feet (nearly 700 miles) of vertical bore heat exchanger installed
  • Over 500 tons of pond/lake heat exchanger installed

We design your system properly

  • First we look at the whole house, not just the HVAC system. We don’t just replace what you have, we look for the obvious improvements in insulation, duct work, and infiltration that may lower the required heating and cooling load, thus saving homeowners both on installation and operating costs
  • We use the best design tools to ensure you have correctly sized equipment, correct ground loop and pump sizing, and properly designed and balanced duct work
  • Every home is calculated to Manual J8 heating and cooling load standards
  • Every system is correctly sized with GeoDesigner software from ClimateMaster for proper ground loop sizing, equipment sizing, and an accurate operating cost analysis

We install high quality installations

  • Automated and precise sheet metal production
  • Every duct joint is tightly sealed and properly insulated
  • We commission each system to ensure it is running right to factory specifications
  • Quality ground loop design and installation
  • We have experience in floor warming, pool heat, and dedicated water heating

Our Systems Perform

  • In a recent study, the Hope Crossing (Habitat for Humanity) homes were compared to similar homes with traditional gas & electric systems in a previous COHFH development and found to reduce site energy consumption by 67%, reaching an extremely low 25,000 Btu per ft2 per yr. This is total combined energy use for heating, cooling, hot water, lighting and appliances.


  • The Garrett and Company office building metered energy consumption and maintenance costs for the two buildings have been analyzed over the years. During the 2006-2007 period, the geothermal HVAC building reduced operating costs by 50%, metered energy consumption by 47% and peak electricity demand by 35% as compared to the traditional VAV building.