Savings With Geothermal

Typical Savings

before geothermal3
after geothermal3

Significant monthly returns are realized after installing geothermal, particularly for larger homes heated with propane or electric heating. (Homes with natural gas heat can expect substantial savings over a slightly longer payback period). With geothermal, your home can realize an annual operating savings of 60 to 80%!

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Long Term Savings

Geothermal systems typically last 20 to 30 years and pays for itself in as little as three to seven years. This leaves years of pure operating cost saving's in your pocket, equivalent to a 20% return on investment!

In this typical example, the additional cost to install the geothermal system over a conventional system was $6,856 more, through monthly operating cost saving's the geothermal system will payback this additional investment in 6.5 years. Over the next 18+ years geothermal will save this family an additional $33,533 in operating cost!

*  based on a typical 2,200 sq ft home in the U.S. Midwest / assumes 3% energy inflation

Comfortworks - a work crew working on a solar installation of solar pv array on a roof - Oklahoma Solar Pole Barn.

Achieve Net Zero

With the growing interest in renewable energy, Net Zero homes are becoming increasingly popular. People are discovering the incredible potential of these homes and are eager to reduce their energy bills to the maximum extent possible. Additionally, many individuals are simply passionate about creating an ultra-efficient and environmentally friendly living space.


With heating, cooling, and hot water accounting for two-thirds of the average home's energy bills, a geothermal system significantly decrease's this energy usage. This allows your home to rely on the energy produced by solar or wind components, making it Net Zero.


ClimateMaster has designed a savings calculator to help you determine just how much you can save on your heating and cooling bills. Answer a few simple questions about your home, your existing heating and cooling system, and hot water needs - their calculator will do the rest!