Oklahoma Solar Pole Barn

Comfortworks - a Oklahoma solar pole barn project in Jones, OK.

Solar Pole Barn in Jones, OK

The Ellis family constructed a multi-functional pole building in 2012 to provide a second home and space for an antique car and truck collection. To keep utility costs as low as possible, Comfortworks recommended spray foam insulation and installed a geothermal heat pump system that provides heating, cooling and water heating. Having an interest in long term energy independence, they recently had Comfortworks install a large solar PV array sized for a goal of zero net-energy consumption.


  • New Construction
  • 30 Panels
  • String Inverters
  • 12kW - Power Production
  • 2,300 ft² Residence Roof Size
  • 32,000 ft² Garage Area



  • Q-Cells 400 W Modules
  • SolarEdge Single Inverter with Optimizers
  • IronRidge Racking


Comfortworks - a work crew installing solar panels for long-term energy independence on a pole barn in Jones, Oklahoma - Oklahoma Solar Pole Barn.
Comfortworks - a work crew working on a solar installation of solar pv array on a roof - Oklahoma Solar Pole Barn.


The solar PV array includes 30 Q-Cell 400 watt panels with a 10 kW SolarEdge inverter and power optimizers that also provide code-required rapid shutdown protection. The 12 kW DC array was installed on the south-facing 5/12 barn roof, which provided an optimal angle for power production and zero shading. The building itself is a Morton pole building with Thermax Sheathing and spray foam insulation.


Utility bill before solar: $1450
Utility bill after solar: $51
Total savings: 97% savings
Estimated savings: $120 per month
Energy offset: 344% of peak kWh use and 94% of overall kWh use
Estimated production: 19,200 kWh/year

Comfortworks - finish product of a solar installation on a multi-functional pole building in Jones, Oklahoma.
Comfortworks - Oklahoma solar pole bar - solar panel installation on a roof for energy savings and long-term energy independence.



3826 Newcastle Rd

Oklahoma City, OK 73110




Utility Company: OG&E