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Solar Project in Edmond, OK

To achieve the maximum benefit from the Time of Use (TOU) rate offered by their electric utility, the Ellis family installed a solar PV array sized to completely offset their electric consumption during high-cost, peak periods. In addition to monthly net metering of peak and off-peak periods, the TOU rate offers substantially lower electricity prices during off-peak hours. The solar and TOU combination complements their current all-electric geothermal heat pump system, which provides heating, cooling, and hot water for their home and workshop along with heating for their pool.

Comfortworks - A solar project completed by Comfortworks on residential home in Edmond, OKC - solar PV array installation on a residential roof.
Comfortworks - A solar project in Edmond, OK - retrofitting a solar solution on a residential home.


  • Retrofit
  • 36 Panels
  • Micro Inverters
  • 15,400 kWh - Power Production
  • 4,900 ft² Residence Roof Size
  • 2,300 ft² Workshop Area


  • Q-Cells 320 W Modules
  • APSystems YC600
  • IronRidge Racking


This project features a whole home, retrofitted solution toward achieving energy independence. Prior to solar, Comfortworks installed a high-efficiency geothermal heat pump in the home and workshop, with spray foam insulation in the workshop. A large pool with a waterfall was added, with geothermal heating the pool water. Geothermal helped lower the home’s energy consumption allowing the solar array to meet peak electricity demands. Microinverters help minimize occasional tree shading. For additional savings, a special heat exchanger provides free pool heating anytime the geothermal system is cooling the home.

Comfortworks - a solar project on a residential roof to achieve utility bill savings.
Comfortworks - solar installation project in progress, solar and geothermal system working together in residential home.


Utility bill before solar: $3,600
Utility bill after solar: $2,400
Total savings: 33% savings
Estimated savings: $100 per month
Energy offset: 133% of peak kWh use and 25% of overall kWh use
Estimated production: 15,400 kWh/year



3826 Newcastle Rd

Oklahoma City, OK 73110




Utility Company: OG&E

Comfortworks - solar installation project in Edmond, OK.