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Geothermal HVAC Systems


Comfortworks is an Oklahoma geothermal company that uniquely provides turn-key heating and cooling systems that offer its customers the lowest possible energy costs; exceptional comfort; high-quality installation and 24/7 service by technology specialists; and, prices comparable to those of non-specialist dealers.

Why Choose Comfortworks?

Oklahoma Geothermal Company


Over 3,000 residential geothermal installs and commercial geothermal projects totaling over 3 million square feet


Corporate officers alone have over 90 years of dedicated experience in geothermal HVAC


Enjoy highly professional service provided by our factory-trained and qualified technicians

Commercial Geothermal

We address the complex challenges of each commercial geothermal project and provide turnkey management. Meeting the unique needs of each building and company involved is important to us. We can also offer value engineering for commercial building projects.

Residential Geothermal

Geothermal installations are available for new construction single-family homes, or even townhomes. Installations can also be retrofit into existing homes and done so to optimize energy savings both now and in the future.

Geothermal Service & Maintenance

The installation of a geothermal system is important to get right, but so is the continued maintenance of that system, as well as the ability to address long term solutions for both the home or building and the owner/operator.

We've Done A Few Projects

What We Offer

Our Exceptional Comfort Services

Automated Custom Ductwork

Utilizing our Autofold and Plasma Cutting technology we offer precise sheet metal production that delivers deluxe trunk and branch duct systems.

Service & Maintenance Agreements

Rest assured that your Geothermal or HVAC system will perform to factory specifications, and when repairs are needed, our techs will have you up and going in a reasonable time.

New Installation
& Retrofit

We install Geothermal new home installations, but did you know we can retrofit your existing home as well.

Indoor Air

Using a Energy Recovery Ventilator we expel stale polluted air to the outdoors and refresh your home with pre-tempered clean outside air.

Manual J8 Load Calculation

Each home has a unique set of heating and cooling loads. A proper load calculation is the "foundation" to a properly designed Geothermal or HVAC system.

Radiant Floor

Geothermal systems can also supply heat directly to the floor providing better comfort, reduced heat loss, and operate 10% to 20% less than forced air systems.

GeoDesigner Cost Analysis

Through the use of ClimateMaster's GeoDesigner software we accurately predict expected utility savings, generating an accurate time of payback and ROI.

Pool & Spa

Geothermal systems can supply heat to a pool/spa utilizing a three-way valve to direct heat gathered from the home and diverting it to the pool/spa for essentially "free" heating.

Ground Loop

We design ground loops to provide the most cost effective installation, while delivering maximum efficiency to your Geothermal system.